The Shaman (Cheddar Gorge Man)

The Shaman (Cheddar Gorge Man)

I tend to see faces in rocks, trees, clouds. Here is one I saw in Cheddar Gorge, England and I started to think of pre-historic cave drawings and in particular the people who created them. This face was created from different fragments I saw on the cave wall, you will not find it like this in the cave.

I have had interesting reactions to his face, some people get a bit freaked out or find it scary. Personally I find it a kind and pensive face, it is intended to be a Shaman like character, contemplating past, present, future.

Here is a haiku to go with this picture:

'He stares out at me
who is he? Who sang the songs?
The cave stays dim.'

©Beate Allerton